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GreenStreme | Organic Fish Fertilizer | 500ml

Information sur le produit

GreenStreme® Organic Fish Fertilizer uses a patented cold hydrolysis manufacturing process to maximize retention of fish proteins & oils along with macronutrients.

Use GreenStreme® on all indoor & outdoor plants to increase strength, yield & vitality.

Our organic fish fertilizer is listed with the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI).

For organic gardening. Improves soil microbiology

Low odour
Will not burn
A natural source of plant nutrients

Organic Fish Hydrolysate Prepared from fresh Rainbow Trout trimmings that are harvested from the Great Lakes, the patented manufacturing process involves the immediate processing of Rainbow Trout byproducts into high quality liquid concentrates.

Root and Shoot Strength and Vitality The unique process maintains the highest concentration and quality of organic matter to boost overall soil health. The natural elements, including the valuable micronutrients and calcium from bone, are preserved in their purest form to promote root and shoot strength and vitality.

High Performance with Low Odor The finished product is prepared immediately after fish processing to guarantee freshness and the industry’s lowest odour. GreenStreme® is filtered twice before packaging to allow for convenience of application using hydroponic systems or most hose end applicators.