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Gavita UVR LED 120-240V

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Features & Benefits


Designed to fit seamlessly into the chassis of the incredibly powerful, incredibly popular Gavita Pro 1700e LED, the Gavita UVR LED is the perfect complement to your grow. The included daisy chain cable allows you to easily connect multiple fixtures, regardless of whether you use the UV spectrum independently, or to boost the UV output alongside the Gavita Pro 1700e LED.

  • This UV-A supplemental LED is designed to help boost UV output to plants
  • Designed to fit directly into the chassis of the Gavita Pro 1700e, or can be used as a standalone fixture
  • Daisy chain cable allows you to easily connect multiple fixtures
  • FCC and UL8800 compliant
  • The Gavita UVR LED fixture delivers impressive amounts of crop-loving light without overpowering plants in your setup
  • Leverage 315 nm to 400 nm UV-A wavelengths to help promote results during flowering, making it an ideal complement to your grow
  • Use to boost UV input when used with full spectrum Gavita LED rail fixtures

Product Specs

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