Top 10 Issues

Cannabis Plants

  1. Overwatering can lead to root-rot and other issues with plants.
  2. Pests and insects that can infest cannabis plants, potentially causing heavy damage if left unchecked.
  3. Nutrient deficiencies due to incorrect soil chemistry or lack of nutrients in the soil.
  4. Not enough light – low light levels can result in poor growth and smaller yields at harvest time.
  5. Too much light – high light levels can be just as damaging as too little for some strains of cannabis and must be addressed quickly or else risk burning or bleaching plants completely!
  6. Temperature fluctuations between day & night which can throw off plants' growing cycles if they are not properly acclimated or taken care of accordingly (this is especially true during extreme weather conditions).
  7. Excessive wind which can cause significant leaf damage & reduce plant's ability to photosynthesize efficiently (protective coverings may help minimize this problem).
  8. Poor air circulation which leads to stagnant air pockets inside greenhouse or outdoors where humid conditions are more likely & could potentially cause mold, mildew, & other problems with your plants due to reduced airflow throughout area near them!
  9. Pollution from nearby sources which could be detrimental for your crop if inhaled directly into their leaves & stems; proper ventilation is key here so try to keep things as fresh & clean as possible around area selected for planting purposes :)
  10. Stressful environments that make it hard for plants to thrive – it’s important to set up an environment suitable for them beforehand so they don’t struggle too much while trying to stay alive long enough until harvest times arrives eventually (hopefully without any major issues)!


  1. Over-watering/under-watering – this is a common problem for houseplants and can cause either root rot or wilt, depending on the amount of water you give them; make sure to pay attention to their need for regular hydration or else see what happens!
  2. Pests – bugs such as aphids, mites, scale insects, and whiteflies can quickly infest your plants if left unchecked and cause damage if left untreated; regularly inspect them for any signs of bugs & use appropriate treatments if necessary.
  3. Wrong soil chemistry – the pH level of the soil needs to be right in order for nutrients to be taken up by the roots and other vital processes; make sure you're using good quality soil with correct pH levels before planting.
  4. Too much light – like cannabis plants, houseplants may suffer from extreme light levels if not properly provided with the appropriate environment; high intensity LED lights might be worth investing in if your home has less than optimum lighting!
  5. Lack of airflow - stagnant air pockets around a plant due to poor ventilation can cause mold and mildew formation as well as reduce its ability to photosynthesize efficiently; try opening some windows near it whenever possible or invest in fans/humidifiers accordingly!
  6. Temperature fluctuations - just like over/under-watering, inconsistent temperatures between day & night times can affect the way plants grow & require acclimation (especially during extreme weather conditions) in order for them not suffer through major setbacks at later stages!
  7. Chemical fertilizers – chemical fertilizers can be bad news for some plants & houseplants. You may want to avoid using these when growing inside. Check out organic options.
  8. Overcrowding - overcrowding may lead to competition between plants which could result in stunted growth overall due to lack of sunlight & space being shared unequally among all specimens; give each one enough room to thrive without interfering with one another!
  9. Uneven watering schedule - uneven watering schedules (e.g., too frequent/infrequent) can upset a plant's natural rhythms & prevent it from flowering correctly at transition times (most typically during spring); keep things consistent so they don't feel overwhelmed by sudden changes!
  10. Poor location choice - choosing an area with limited access points or exposure to strong winds can hinder plants' growth significantly and eventually stunt their ability to reach maturity within given time frame respectively; always select an area that offers plenty of light & protection from direct winds/rainfall whenever possible :)