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Stashlogix Temperature & Humidity Sensing SmartJar

Product Info

Looking for the most innovative stash jar out there? Meet Stashlogix Temperature & Humidity Sensing SmartJar. 

This cutting-edge jar is simple to use but offers much-needed modern upgrades. Providing an airtight seal just like any other jar, it also monitors the temperature and humidity in the enclosed space. You'll feel confident storing your herb in the jar, as you have full control - and it will keep your flower fresh and potent. 

While the jar shows you the humidity, you can keep it at perfect levels with the included 4-gram Boveda Humidity Control Pack. This ingenious eco-friendly solution uses a two-way system to maintain the humidity at an optimal level for storing herbs.


  • Large: 3.25" x 3.5" (between 1/2 and 1 oz)

*The weight capacity depends on bud size.