1. Ensure the environment you store your cannabis in is cool and dark, with a humidity around 60-65%.
  2. Place your cannabis in a sealed container that can maintain a consistent humidity inside.
  3. Monitor the buds consistently to make sure they are not developing mold or mildew.
  4. Keep the container slightly open to release excess moisture and prevent mold growth, but keep it tightly sealed most of the time.
  5. Turn your buds over every two or three days while they are curing to make sure all sides are evenly exposed to air and light.
  6. Place a hygrometer next to your weed for accurate humidity readings.
  7. Reduce humidity gradually over time by opening the lid of your container more often before closing it again after taking temperature/humidity readings inside using an external thermometer/hygrometer if necessary for accuracy verification of conditions within the closed container where your precious nuggets are being dried & cured!
  8. Move buds from stem when stem snaps easily without much pressure applied; this means buds are dry enough for long-term storage without risk of mold growth or other spoilage problems associated with overly moist conditions in which no cure would ever really be complete anyways!
  9. Decarboxylate cannabis before storage if desired; this will unlock THC & other cannabinoids in raw bud form so that maximum medicinal benefits may be achieved upon ingestion or topical use depending on method(s) chosen as appropriate for individual needs and preferences regarding end-use outcomes/results envisioned by users seeking relief from whatever particular ailment they wish Cannabis-based treatments can help mitigate symptoms associated with various health challenges :)
  10. Store long-term cured buds at 58-63% RH and avoid temperatures above 77°F (25°C) as higher temps may lead to degradation resulting in decreased potency of cannabinoids & terpenes important for medicinal relief properties sought after by some medical patients requiring ongoing Cannabis treatment regimens as part of their overall holistic healthcare plans designed specifically for them based on cooperation between patient, doctor, and other healthcare professionals involved with facilitating best results possible from comprehensive regimens developed through consultation among all interested parties involved along road towards healing!