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rhize Nutrients

Size  | 500ml

Type  | Vegitative A

Product Info

rhize Nutrients | Made in NB Canada | Work with all mediums | Soil | Hydro | Aeroponics | Works amazing on all plants | Nutrients do not expire

Things That You Should Know About Rhize Nutrients

  • Rhize nutrients works amazing on all house plants, crops and grass
  • Rhize nutrients produces great crops in all growth mediums (soil, hydro, aeroponics)
  • Our nutrients do not expire if they are properly stored, and you don't insert any contaminants into the jugs. So feel free to buy big and save!
  • We have recipes that are specifically tailored for the two stages of your plants life cycle (vegetative & blooming/flowering)
  • Our Vegetative recipes are used when your plants are only growing leaves, stems and roots, while bloom is used when your plants are fruiting and flowering
  • Each recipe consists of only two necessary jugs per vegetative and bloom (A&B)
  • Our recipes are balanced to have even amounts needed of A&B for each feed to save you time calculating ratios, and so that your nutrient jugs don't run out at different times
  • A full set of 500mL gets 95% of growers through 4 successful, heavy yielding plants if grown indoors. Outdoor crops may vary
  • We do not use any dyes in our nutrients