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Garden Controls Light Timer

Product Info

This light timer controls either lighting systems with a trigger cord, or standard and electronic ballasts ( two 600W or one 1000W at 120V). Day cycles (ON cycles) last 12 or 18 hours, as selected by the user. An internal rechargeable battery maintains the cycles in the event of a power outage.

Real Time Clock Accuracy: time will drift less than 15 minutes in a year
3-position SLIDE SWITCH to select ON/OFF Cycles (corresponding to Day/Night cycles):

  • 18h/6h: ON Time: 18 hours, OFF Time: 6 hours.
  • Reset Cycle: Hold 30 seconds to start a new ON cycle (to start the beginning of a new day cycle).
  • 12h/12h: ON Time: 12 hours, OFF Time: 12 hours.

Status Indicator:

  • SLOW BLINKING: to indicate the Hot Start delay is counting down.
  • BLINKING: to indicate the remaining time (number of hours left in the current cycle).
  • FLASHING (1-sec rate): to indicate the time countdown before the RESET is completed (30 seconds).
  • STEADY: to indicate the RESET has been completed.
  • QUICK FLASH: Warning! ON/OFF cycle selection has not been performed. Slide Switch forgotten in RESET position.

Load: Max 12 Amps, 1X 1000W ballast or 2X 600W ballasts.
120V equipment is plugged into the 5-ft power/output cord (piggyback cord).
Internal 24-hour Clock will maintain ON/OFF cycles for a minimum of 48 hours during a power outage. Internal Battery Charge Time: fully charged in less than 30 minutes.