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Lightspeed DE MH 1000W 6000K Lamp

Product Info

With strong PAR output and a wide spectrum the Lightspeed DE 1000W 6000K Metal Halide bulb was created for maximum vegetative growth. Our double ended MH bulb arc tube was designed specifically for hydroponic gardening, providing just the right spectral colour balance to promote huge vegetative results along with tight internodes and minimal stretching.


  • Ultra-efficient double ended bulb
  • Long life span with minimal deterioration
  • High blue spectral ratio for enhanced vegetative growth
  • Reduced branch spacing and tight internodes


  • Amps: 4.7
  • Voltage: 230
  • Watts: 1000
  • Initial Lumens: 95000
  • Kelvin: 6000
  • Colour Rendering Index (CRI): 70
  • Length: 16.15"
  • Diameter: 1.32"
  • 1 Year manufacturer warranty