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CVault Storage

Size  | 2 Litre

Product Info

CVault Storage 101

Need a perfect, smell-proof cannabis storage container? Made from high-quality and food-grade stainless steel, you can rest easy knowing that your harvest/bud will be entirely sealed airtight and light-free for long-lasting storage that will perfectly preserve your strain’s terpenes. 

Included humidity pack

The CVault is special as it comes included with a Boveda humidity pack dedicated storage section; it allows you to perfectly regulate the humidity of your herb with ease. As these humidity packs are two-way, will regulate the humidity to stay at 62% if it dips too high or low – Never have too damp or too dry bud ever again. Keep your herb perfectly fine and fresh by preserving that delicious terpene profile and those precious cannabinoids in an air-tight and humidity-regulated container.

Completely air-tight

With the included humidity pack, inert metal design, and airtight seal, you’ll be able to to perfectly preserve your THC’s terpenes and integrity for much longer compared to a standard mason jar. It’s worth the upgrade if you’ll be storing your strains for more than a few months. Choose from either a twist-on or clamp design for your liking!

Mold Resistant & Durable

Highly mold and mildew resistant, stainless steel is the way to go in order to prevent unwanted bacterial growth. Convenient, simple, and completely bomb-proof, the CVault is sure to stand the test of time with your preserved cannabis inside! if you’ve ever suffered the heartbreak of dropping a large glass jar of herb and ending up with glass shards all up in your bud, then the durability of the CVault was made for you!