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FloraSun Bulb 1000W MH

Product Info

FloraSun 1000W MH Bulb 4000K | High output horticultural lamp | 100,000 maintained lumen output | Long lasting life 10,000hrs

High output horticultural lamp specially designed for vigorous growth. Provides optimum spectral energy required during vegetative growth. High initial and maintained lumen output.


  • High output
  • Long lasting life
  • Compatible with any digital ballast
  • High kelvin temperature
  • Can be used for entire growth cycle of non-flowering leafy greens
  • Metal Halide Horticultural lamp specially designed for vigorous growth for use with digital ballasts.
  • Lumens: 100,000
  • Colour temperature: 4000k
  • Life expectancy: 10,000 hours
Package includes:
  • 1x FloraSun 1000W MH Bulb