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Hortilux Bulb 1000 W HPS

Product Info

EYE Hortilux 1000W HPS Bulb | Super HPS Grow Lights | Hortilux Super HPS produces bigger, fuller flowers and heavier yields.

EYE Hortilux Super HPS Grow Lights have been #1 for years! Why? When grown in a side by side comparison versus competitors, Hortilux Super HPS produces noticeably bigger, fuller flowers and overall heavier yields. Super HPS also produces these results for multiple growth cycles. This saves you time and money over cheaper brands – which need to be replaced after every cycle.


  • Produces noticeably bigger, fuller flowers and overall heavier yields.
  • Maintains results after multiple growth cycles, saving you money.
  • Provides 25% more light energy than competitive brands in Violet, Blue and Green.
  • Provides 17% more total spectral energy than the competition.
  • Produces more spectral balance for increased plant response and accelerated growth.


Exclusive EYE Hortilux Spectrum.
e-Ballast compatible.
Full One Year Manufacture Warranty.
Operated and tested before packaging.
Patented, environmentally-friendly design (EN).
Completely lead-free.