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SunBlaster Fluorescent T5 HO 48" 2700K Replacement Lamp

Product Info

SunBlaster T5HO 4ft 2700K fluorescent light bulbs simulate late day light. The 2700K is perfectly balanced for flowering and fruiting. 2700 degrees Kelvin is considered “warm white” light. It’s the light range that plants use for bud and flower development.

  • Sunblaster T5HO lamps have been re-engineered to ensure they produce maximum light output and maintain a low operating temperature in order to extend lamp life.
  • Will work with all the SunBlaster T5 fixtures.
  • These bulbs are long lasting and provide 10,000 hours of peak illumination.
  • 2700K T5 tubes are useful for inducing flowering in all indoor fruits, vegetables, and houseplants, and should be suspended no more than 30cm (12 inches) above the plants.