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Hortilux Eye PowerVEG FS+UV T5 HO Fluorescent Lamp 24"

Product Info

The PowerVEG FS+UV (Full Spectrum plus Ultra Violet) is a fluorescent T5HO 2ft 6400k grow lamp that provides your plants with a well-balanced spectrum and UV light. The PowerVEG FS+UV spectrum closely mimics natural sunlight, benefiting your plants by:

  • Promoting extreme photosynthesis for faster growth
  • Creating a stronger root system
  • Enabling easy transition from indoor veg to outdoor flowering
  • Developing stronger healthier vegetative plants that will produce higher yields and higher quality crops
  • Creating faster producing yields, vivid colours, more flowering, and better tasting crops

The FS+UV can be used in conjunction with standard T5’s in a 50/50 mix inside the fixture. Placing the lamps in every other socket within the fixture can maximize the intensity of standard T5s with the spectral quality and UV of the PowerVEG FS+UV.

The recommended height above the canopy of plants should be between 8”-16”. The optimal height is 12”.


Product emits UVA and UVB rays. Possible skin or eye irritation can result from exposures exceeding 30 minutes when working less than 8 inches from the lamp. Use appropriate skin and eye protection.