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Product  | Veg-Booster 20G

Product Info

Veg-Booster enables young cuttings or seedlings to better promote stronger fuller plant growth during the vegetative stage. Add Veg-Booster directly to your reservoir only once at the beginning of a plant’s vegetative cycle when the seedling/ cuttings have gotten over transplant shock. Works on soil grown plants too.

The addition of Blossom Blood to your feed schedule during the flowering stage of a plant will promote fuller buds and flowers utilizing selective pH control. Blossom Blood’s reputation comes from over 25 years of positive results. Developed for stabilization and floral production in hydroponic applications, Blossom Blood may also be used in soilless growing mediums. Blossom Blood is a specific type of pH buffer salt and is compatible with all quality nutrients.

1G makes 20L - 400L/20G

Made In Canada