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Stashlogix Silverton - Odor Proof & Locking Bag (Small, Black)

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Stashlogix Silverton - Locking Odor Proof Bag

About this item

    •  Smell proof  & odour free: uses a multi-stage odour control system.
    • The first stage involves a metal liner inside the case to prevent any odours from escaping.
    • The second stage a YKK water-proof/  odour-resistant zipper.
    • Third, a rubber gasket sealing system which provides a second line of defense.
    • The newest improvement is the OdourPax Dividers, which incorporate a activated carbon fibre (ACF) fabric, to absorb the odours inside of the bag.
    • Once the DISCREET-O-MATIC ACF fabric fills up with absorbed odour compounds it can then be rejuvenated by heating with a blow dryer, or in a clothes dryer, making it like new again. (replacement dividers available)
    • locking zippers & durable design: Tough to crack but easy to use. The patented bags include a built-in 3-digit combination lock. The hard-shell case can take a beating and still protect your fragile contents.
    • customizable: The interior is designed to be customizable to meet YOUR needs with removable dividers to fit all of your fragile and odd-shaped products. Includes a metal tool for cleaning (with its own tool pocket). The entire adjustable liner system can be removed to make cleaning a cinch.