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Luxx 315w CMH 3100K Bulb

Product Info

LUXX BULB - CMH 315W - 3100K

  • Energy-efficient. High par value
  • Full-spectrum 3100k 
  • Superior color quality
  • Reduced operating heat
  • Increased plant resin production
  • Rated life span 20,000 hours

Introducing the Luxx 315w 3100K bulb, designed to revolutionize your indoor lighting experience. Manufactured by the renowned Luxx brand, this high-quality bulb guarantees exceptional performance and reliability. Featuring a 3100K color temperature, this bulb emits a balanced spectrum of light closely resembling natural sunlight, promoting healthy plant growth throughout their life cycles. Its 315-watt power output ensures optimal light intensity for maximizing yields. Built with cutting-edge Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH) technology, this bulb boasts high efficiency and longer lifespan compared to conventional lighting options. Experience remarkable energy efficiency and reduced heat emission, leading to significant cost savings on electricity bills. The Luxx 315w CMH 3100K Bulb is designed for use in various indoor lighting setups, making it ideal for grow rooms, greenhouses, and hydroponic systems. Elevate your cultivation game with this dependable, long-lasting lighting solution.