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Zelion Par38 HL LED Bulb - 17 Watt

Product Info

The Sylvania Zelion HL PAR38 screw base LED Horticultural lamps provide the light spectrum that plants need for the photosynthesis process, helping to accelerate growth and improve plant quality. Whether you are an experienced grower, do-It-yourself gardener or new to the art, ZELION HL PAR38 Horticultural lamps provide easy installation along with the necessary light output for productive plant growth.


Key Features and Benefits

  • Enhanced, yield-boosting spectra designed to optimize Chlorophyll a and Chlorophyll b absorption
  • Utilizes specialized OSRAM LEDs in Blue (450nm), Green (505nm), Deep Red (660nm) and Far Red (730nm) providing superior performance and life
  • Improved efficiency compared with similar traditional lamp sources
  • Long lamp life of 25,000hrs.
  • Standard base designs to allow for direct replacement