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BudJuice Grow Box - Organic Fertilizer, NPK, Micro, Nitro, Grow & Bloom

Product Info

BudJuice Organic GrowBox

All the nutrients you need to grow organic


  • Maximize plant grow, plant yeild and do it all 100% organically
  • Everything you need in 1 grow box, designed for the entire life cycle of your plant
  • Rich in NPK, micro and macro nutrients
  • Very simple to use formula for each stage
  • Contents: 1x Micro, 1x Nitro, 1x Grow, 1x Bloom



  • Easy to use - Grows
  • Organic Micro Nutrients
  • Organic slow release Phosphorous
  • Organic Potassium

BudJuice Micro

Keep your soil organically enriched for the remainder of the growing season. The liquid formula is incredibly easy to dose. No mess, no fuss, all natural all organic. You can even use it on your other garden plants. BudJuice is derived from marine phytoplankton and microscopic dead organic material. It is packed with micro nutrients naturally found in marine water that are essential to plants like boron, magnesium, calcium and much more. Naturally rich in potassium, phosphate, calcium, magnesium and nitrate, amino acids and marine phytoplankton. Results in just 48 hours Nitrogen is easily one of the most important nutrients for the plant. It is directly responsible for producing chlorophyll, and it’s also vital to the process of photosynthesis. Like many other people, you likely choose to grow at home the way nature intended.

BudJuice Nitro 12-0-0

Give your plants the organic nitrogen boost with BudJuice Nitro. Nitrogen deficiency is one of the biggest challenges in organic farming. The deficiency of nitrogen limits growth and production. Nutrient shortage also forces crops to transition in an early reproductive phase hurting plant production. BudJuice Nitro is an organic granular formulation for organic production in soil / soil- less medium. It is enriched with added Sulphur for optimal performance. It provides Nitrogen for up to 90 days. In order for a plant to photosynthesize and produce sugars to feed itself and grow, there must be a readily available supply of Nitrogen within the grow medium. During the growing stage plants will require Nitrogen in order to grow lush thick leaves, which over time will naturally want to darken to aid photosynthesis further.

BudJuice Grow 2-14-0

On average the product can be used on 4 pots for the grow cycle. This is a slow release formula and safe for all flowering plants. No mess, no fuss, all natural all organic. BudJuice Grow is derived from fishbone meal, and ocean minerals. It is packed with micro nutrients naturally found in marine water that are essential to plant growth. Phosphorus (P) is an essential macro element, required for the success of all known life forms, including plants. P is especially important for early stage root development, stem strength, resistance to disease, nutrient uptake, flower formation and yield.

BudJuice Bloom 0-0-15

Maximize your buds potential, with organic, kelp based, water soluble fertilizer designed for foliar, drip, soil, and coco applications. It serves as an instant source of potassium., Easy application: 1 tablespoon per plant when required. Used 1-3 times during Bloom, good for 22 applications. Organic flowering plants need potassium to survive and thrive. Potassium (K) is a staple macronutrient in plant cultivation and is responsible for healthy growth and reproduction. Potassium is absorbed from the soil for these specific benefits: Faster growth, Improved drought resistance, Maximize yields, Stronger growth. Like many other people, you likely choose to grow your own buds at home to ensure a full organic and healthy grow. Now you can continue to boost your home production by using a 100% Organic Fertilizer.