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Harvest Keeper Blhume Bag

Size  | 1LB

Product Info

Harvest Keeper™ Blhume Bags are the next evolution in long-term storage packaging for high-value crops. Crafted specifically for the needs of aroma-rich terpene-packed plants like cannabis herbs and more these extra-thick storage bags create just the right environment to keep contents fresh long after they’ve been packaged. The difference is in the multi-layer construction. Every Blhume Bag is comprised of double-thick carefully selected layers. All six are designed to serve a distinct purpose while working together to preserve weight and appearance protect potency and extend the shelf life of your crop. These heat-sealable high-quality harvest storage bags are designed to control oxidation to ward off mold and keep your investment protected. Designed to Control Oxidation Oxygen and humidity layers slow a plant’s respiration process diffusing oxygen and excess water vapour out. By preventing oxidation before it happens these bags help ward off mold and help retain the weight and potency of your yield. Designed to Protect Potency Protecting against UV rays is critical for preventing degradation of your crop. An anti-UV layer blocks harmful rays from breaking down your plant’s organic matter and causing loss of potency during long-term storage. Puncture- and Odour-Proof A durability layer helps maximum puncture-resistance during packaging and transport. With another layer to keep odour in these bags help ensure the smell of your crop is contained until it’s time to unpack some serious aroma. Terpene Preservation To prevent your trichomes—where most of a plant’s high-value terpenes are—from sticking to the sides of these bags and getting stripped off Blhume Bags create a neutral charge down the sidewall. That way your trichomes stay put terpenes stay in tact and profits stay high.