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Iluminar 4' / 4 Lamp 120v/208v/240v T5 Fixture

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Iluminar 4 Lamp 4ft T5 Fixture | 120v 208v 240v

When growing in the vegetative stage, you don’t always want to burn 1000W per hour. You want a solution to satisfy your plant’s needs but also will conserve power without losing that valuable spectrum of light.
Not everyone was created equally In every T5 fixture that we manufacture, we showcase our passion by not settling for inferior materials. We utilize materials from Germany and trio-phosphor from Japan, powder coating from Australia, and we purchase our power supplies from the #1 manufacturer in the world, Fulham.
Old dog in lighting, but all new tricks With our proprietary Smart Sensing technology, you can run our fixtures on 120/208/240V ensuring that however your room is set up, one size will fit all. Now 
ILUMINAR offers the ability to add a controllable feature to your T5, an industry first again from ILUMINAR.