Enzymes Komplete

Enzymes Komplete Natural Cleaner 125ml

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Product description

Enzymes Komplete™ is not a fertilizer, nutrient, or pesticide

  • Helps in disease prevention (plagues, pythium, fungi, and viruses)
  • Saves labour, time, heating and electricity
  • Clean pots and enclosures make an ideal gardening choice
  • Helps to raise the pH
  • Performs in hot or cold conditions and can tolerate freezing for a short time

Enzymes Komplete™ is a wide spectrum natural enzymatic cleaner with a mint twist

Recommended for use during all growing seasons and stages

  • Bacteria free and pH balanced formula
  • Extra long shelf life
  • Compatible with all gardening products – natural or conventional
  • Clean and cleanse all garden systems and surfaces
  • Extra concentrated and very economical
  • Assists with rapid decomposition of all natural matter
  • Clean pots and enclosures from salts and mineral build ups
  • Compatible with hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) in low concentration
  • Environmentally friendly and biodegradable
  • No GMO’s