Enzymes Komplete

Enzymes Komplete 1L Natural Enzymatic Cleaner

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Product description

The name Enzymes Komplete has a deep meaning because it represents a Complete and Well Balanced Enzymatic Formula with a Mint Twist. It is a unique, natural, environmentally-friendly, biodegradable, and absolutely non-GMO enzymatic cleaner.

Enzymes Komplete Recommended Use:

  • All growing media (rockwool, coco fibre, soilless and others)
  • Water reservoirs, watering tools, watering and hydroponic systems, water equipment, gardening tools, machinery, greenhouses, working surfaces, etc.
  • Soilless¬† media / seedling trays
  • Cutting / media preparation
  • Foliar equipment cleanse/rinse/wash
  • For compost enclosure treatment