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Doktor Doom House & Garden 515g

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Product description

Ideal for control of aphids and whiteflies. Doktor Doom House & Garden Insecticide Spray 500 Grams 60 day continuous killing action for Cockroaches Ideal for control of aphids & whiteflies on Virginia Creepers, climbing vines and most other plants with infestations of these insects: one application should do the job if applied according to label instructions Recently amended label for control of rose midges Excellent control of fungus gnats-simply apply it to the dry soil in your planters stir it in and apply it again. Be certain to make sure that the soil is dry before the application and do not water plants for 3-4 hours after the treatment Not recommended for use on Food Crop plants during the fruit or flowering cycle Fantastic for your lawn to eliminate mosquitoes (cut the grass and than apply a light mist) should get about two weeks residual control per application) as well is approved for use on your patio, deck and other areas within your yard House fly control-apply to window sills and light bulbs Fragrance free